How To: Bend it like Beckham (or curve a soccer ball)

Bend it like Beckham (or curve a soccer ball)

In this how to video, you will learn how to curve a soccer ball. First, you will need to know how to shoot a ball. To shoot, line up striaght with the ball and keep your knee over it. Strike it with your toe pointed down and on the center of the ball. To curve the ball, line up with the side of the ball. Kick the ball so that the inside of the foot hits the ball on the side. When you follow through your kicking foot, your arm should swing across your body. This causes the ball to spin which makes the ball curve in the air. This is useful for corner kicks, shots against a goalie, and chip shots. This is important because it confused goalies and looks great. If your shots fall short, try pulling your kicking leg farther back as you prepare to kick. If you miss high and wide, try to aim lower and keep the knee over the ball. This video offers great tips in order to perform this successfully.

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