How To: Do dribble tricks in soccer

Do dribble tricks in soccer

In this tutorial, the author Carilho gives great text and visual examples of how to do soccer dribble tricks to improve the most inexperienced player. In each trick he also gives an estimated time that the player would need to practice to be able to successfully do each trick.

*The C. Ronaldo Chop- This trick can either be used as a pass or a quick way to get it away from an opponent- First, step in front of the ball and kick back, tossing the ball backwards, or slightly to the side for a pass.

*C. Ronaldo Turn- For this move it's best to have their back to the opponent or have a need to do a quick 180. The move itself looks like a Ronaldo Chop, just without as much power, so the ball stays basically under foot. This allows the player to quickly turn around with full control of the ball. Add a bit of power and it too can be used as a pass.

*The Elastico- The author states that he has a tutorial for this move alone as it is very tricky, and will take a few weeks of training to do.

*Ronaldo's Rabona- Roll the ball with one foot, step over with the other, then kick it forward with the first as a quick pass. As a variation, instead of kicking the ball, stop it with a quick nudge.

Following this great tutorial and with practice any player can play like a pro!

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