How to Freestyle soccer: "New shit" trick

"New shit" trick

Oliver Cherek, a.k.a., oLi, shows you how to perform a new freestyle football trick called "New Shit," invented by Soufiane Touzani.

The trick consists of three different parts put together, and the parts are as follows:

- First, you must be able to perform a toe bounce, which is simply bouncing the ball off your toes repeatedly.
- Next, you must turn your body around and kick the ball upwards with your heel. This part, as well as the toe bounce, is very important in order to master the trick, so practice often.
- The final part involves performing a move called "hop the world," which is simple to perform but must be done quickly and without hesitation. This trick is performed by swinging your leg above the football.

When combined together, the three parts are performed like so: toe bounce, step over the ball, turn and heel-kick the ball, then hop the world. The entire trick should involve a 360-degree turn.

Practice the trick often, and soon you'll be free-styling like the pros!

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