How To: Kick a soccer ball the right way

Kick a soccer ball the right way

There is a reason the rest of the world calls 'soccer' 'football' - it's all about your feet! In this tutorial, from Zappos, learn how to kick a soccer ball the right way and win the game every time!
A big problem most people have when learning to kick a ball is kicking with their toes. This is a bad decision because not only will the ball be out of control, you can also seriously hurt your toes.
So, the proper way to kick is slightly different. If you are taking a shot, you will want to kick with your laces. If you are standing over a cross, you will want to hit with the ball of your foot, ensuring you get a nice curve on the ball.
If you are making a pass in the game, you will kick with the side of your foot. This way, you have total control of your shots and passes.
Body positioning and speed are also big factors in kicking, and in this tutorial you will learn all about the best ways to punt that soccer ball like a superstar. So, follow along and master all of the shots in this video. You will be rocking the playing field like David Beckham in no time.

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