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How To: Do the Rivaldo soccer move

The Rivaldo is a famous soccer move named after the majestic Brazilian playmaker. Using fancy footwork, the Rivaldo rockets the soccer ball away from your opponent and spins it around so fast he won't know which way to go.

How To: Do the inside hook soccer move

In order to score a goal and keep the ball with their grasp, attackers master the art of the inside hook. A simple trick that's simply effective, it involves feigning that you're moving outward when you're realling taking the ball in. The move has been mastered by Turkey's Emre Belözoglu.

How To: Do a Lionel Messi drag-back soccer move

Sometimes the simplest moves produce the greatest results. Take FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi's drag-back, which is nothing more than pushing the ball out in front of you before dragging it back and turning 180° to face the way from where you came. After you do this, you just bring the ball around with your other foot and accelerate away from your opponent.

How To: Do the Gerrard side-foot free-kick soccer move

Most free kicks in soccer originate outside the box so the ball has a chance to go high and above the goalkeeper's reach. However, kicking from inside the box gives you more precision if not height. If you're willing to make this tradeoff, then follow Liverpool FC's Steven Gerrard's lead. Gerrard's side-foot free-kick is a football technique that guides the ball swiftly into the net, its success dependent on making sure you kick the nose of the ball for the greatest force. Learn how to do you...

How To: Accomplish the Rooney dummy soccer move

Manchester United FC and England's Wayne Rooney is a forward with full bag of hat tricks to deceive his attackers on the soccer field. At his UEFA Champions League debut against Fenerbahçe SK in 2004, he scored a goal using the Rooney dummy, a soccer feint in which you trick the opponent into thinking you're going to knock the ball into the goal when in reality you're making a swerve left or right.

How To: Do the Vieira pirouette soccer move with Woody

Pirouettes aren't soley dance moves for wannabe ballerinas and National Ballet regulars. Patrick Vieira is a midfielder who invented a move called the Vieira pirouette, which involves faking the direction you're dribbling and spinning 360 degrees around to keep the ball going towards the goal.

How To: Do the Nasri soccer move to confuse opponents

Woody and Wulfy, two international soccer superstars who demonstrate moves for the UEFA training ground, teach you a neat skill in this tutorial called the Nasri, invented by French international and Arsenal FC star Samir Nasri. Nasri has used this ingenious trick many times in the UEFA Champions League to confuse and get past his opponents.

How To: Pass and control a soccer ball

Having sausage legs and wobbly toes in soccer is equivalent to career death. Whether you play a striker or a midfielder, dribbling, passing, and controling the ball are the most important basic abilities needed to be a good soccer player.

How To: Get past defense as a soccer striker

As F.C. Barcelona's star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic explains, it's the defender's job to make your life as difficult as possible. So how do you get a defender to open up a spot for you to whisk away from him? Ibrahimovic shares a few tips in this video, including using speed, skilled footwork, and crazy steep swerves. This is a football training session that is vital for any soccer player looking to take his soccer team to victory. Get past defense as a soccer striker.

How To: Do the Ronaldo chop soccer move

This isn't your Soccer 101 tutorial. Created by Real Madrid C.F. and Portugal soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, the Ronaldo chop is a dazzling trick that involves flicking the ball with his back leg past his opponent before running on to make a goal.

How To: Bend the ball like Beckham

David Beckham is known around the world for his incredible curved shot in soccer. In this tutorial, learn exactly what you need to do with your body to inspire the same curve from your free kick.

How To: Bend it like Beckham (or curve a soccer ball)

In this how to video, you will learn how to curve a soccer ball. First, you will need to know how to shoot a ball. To shoot, line up striaght with the ball and keep your knee over it. Strike it with your toe pointed down and on the center of the ball. To curve the ball, line up with the side of the ball. Kick the ball so that the inside of the foot hits the ball on the side. When you follow through your kicking foot, your arm should swing across your body. This causes the ball to spin which m...

How To: Shoot a soccer ball

In this video, we learn how to shoot a soccer ball the proper way. First, set the ball up to your dominant foot. Then, place the non-kicking foot around 6 inches to the right or left of the ball. Now you will aim to make solid contact with the laces of the shoe. Next, try and make solid contact with the laces of your shoe. Doing this will make sure the shot is powerful and not spinning. Also, aim to keep your foot as vertical as possible when making contact, which will send the shot low and a...

How To: Knuckle a soccer ball

so the video is about how to knuckle a soccer ball. first of all, you need to kick the soccer ball with your foot. Do not kick the ball with the point of your foot, because you can not control the direction witch the ball is going to go. it is usually off target if you kick it with the point of your foot.